Thursday, October 1, 2009

National Beautiful Disaster Fashion Tour

The Beautiful Disaster National Fashion Tour will consist of sex appeal, rock & roll with a unique edgy flare. Freedom Nightlife’s goal is to produce a high energy standing room only fashion show with props, performers and gadgets that will have the viewers always wondering what is going to happen next. Beautiful Disaster will be able to use the show as promotional vehicle for new designs, setting new trends within the nightlife industry as well as logo branding. The shows will take place in the hottest nightclubs and social venues throughout the United States. Twelve models (male & female) will take the runway in each city to display and represent Beautiful Disaster’s newest/hottest designs and accessories of 2009/2010, each model will be wearing up to four different Beautiful Disaster’s pieces that will be complimented by an assortment of the “rock star” accessories. Models will be taking the runway to Mash-up of Rock, Hip Hop, Top 40 and House Music that will be mixed live by DJ Dave “12 Pack” Amerman (who is another one of VH1’s reality TV show cast member; featured on I Love NY, Daisy of Love & I Love Money). Models will be provided with an assortment of props, performers and gadgets that will bring an array of excitement and entertainment during each run, from: fire blowers/jugglers, confetti, bubbles, dancers, hand held light show machines, lit-up portable dance poles, etc. The “Beautiful Disaster” fashion show will be 45 minutes in length give or take, at the end of each show Freedom Nightlife will have the celebrity hosts toss out Beautiful Disaster T-shirts, hats, etc to the crowd as promotional give a ways. The event will be hosted by one to two reality TV stars that are in high demand such as: The Rock of Love Tour Bus & Charm School’s Ashley & Brittanya. Watch for our tour in clubs across the USA!

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