Monday, September 28, 2009

Beautiful Disaster hits Japan!

Beautiful Disaster was featured in our first Japanese Magazine! We have no idea what it actually said but oh well! Do any of our fellow bloggers know Japanese?? LOL

With sales in the USA, Canada, Japan, Norway, Iceland, Australia,England, Ireland, Israel and Germany I can officially say we are WORLDWIDE! I am so excited that I would like to host a give-away! Now, I have never actually done a give away yet so I am going to do it OLD SCHOOL!

I need more folks to join this blog, the person who gets me the most new followers will win a $50 Beautiful Disaster Hoodie! So, I will need you to somehow prove it!! Email me at: fi you think you can win this!!! Good thru october 31st, XoXo! BD

1 comment:

  1. r u kidding me? I wanna win!:) LOL lets see 17? im gonna get you to at LEAST 100.. wait you see ! :p